AGI Atlanta wins Professionalism Award from Client

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The team at AGI Atlanta is excited to announce that we have been awarded the Professionalism award from our client. This award, given out monthly to only one of hundreds of firms, is awarded to the company that displays the best customer feedback and client relations. This includes maintaining professionalism while working with the client to gain new accounts, treating back office agents with respect, and bringing new quality accounts. AGI Atlanta is especially excited to earn this award as we just gained a contract to work with the client back in the beginning of the year.

The Client had this to say:

AGI Atlanta not only do they bring us quality sales and customers, but they hire and train their reps at the highest level of professionalism. We know that with AGI Atlanta that every customer gained is handled precisely and with excellence. Even though AGI Atlanta is new, they are exceeding expectations.

AGI Atlanta believes that by being respectful of every person we come into contact, treating them as a friend, that we can give the best experience to every person involved in our day. We know that professionalism will make it much easier to hit the goals that we set for ourselves.

“AGI Atlanta earned this award because we know that you get what you give. We make a point to be polite and courteous. We have always made it about exceeding our clients’ expectations so it is no surprise that we quickly won this award.”

-Ed, President at AGI Atlanta.

AGI Atlanta plans to continue to overly exceed what targets and goals our clients ask of us and aim to ensure that each customer, potential or gained, has the best experience with our account managers. We know that by giving the best we will continue to earn the best.

Learn more about AGI Atlanta by visiting our site.


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